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Confidential Compassionate Treatment


Columbia Treatment Services is family owned and operated. Together we have been helping people in Washington State with substance related problems since 1999. Counselors and administrative staff share a genuine concern for you and your situation. We are experienced in effectively communicating with employers, personnel departments, attorneys, courts or other involved entities. 



Usually, evaluations can be scheduled within one week of initial contact. Those who do not need a full evaluation (for court, EAP, etc) and are seeking a consultation can often get in on the same day.


Evaluations take 1.5 hours, and include questionnaires, screening tools, an interview with a counselor, and oftentimes a urinalysis (no extra cost if there is a UA).

Recovery starts here...


Our mission is to advance the lives of people who have been negatively impacted from substance use by providing education and coping tools as well as a safe, supportive process to inspire insight and enhance personal development. While flexibiliity is our mantra, our mission is also to help our patients and their loved ones with issues caused by, or related to addiction by establishing a non-judgmental relationship, demonstrating empathy, and emphasizing each patient’s choice for personal responsibility and lifestyle changes.


Although we specialize in Deferred Prosecution, Oregon DUII/Diversion programs,  many of our patients are self referred for treatment.


We pride ourselves on the ability to assist patients in developing a meaningful treatment program while retaining significant compassion and flexibility.


All Services Are Confidential

We will not provide any information to a third party without the client’s written permission. There are some exceptions that require us to report information, but these are rare, and are explained in detail upon intake.



We are certified by The Washington State Department of Health and approved to provide substance use services under RCW 70.96a for court mandated treatment.



We prohibit discrimination in all program activities.

  • Evaluation

  • Free Consultation

  • Outpatient

  • Intensive Outpatient

  • Individual Counseling

  • Most services avaliable in Spanish

  • Intervention

  • Urinalysis testing

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Coordination with referents

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